What is Tirthankara?

A tirthankara is one who establishes Jain organization after conquering both love and hatred . He shows a fine path to the world’s living beings to be free from ignorance, misery and moha (Worldly happiness)

What do Tirthankaras do?

The 24 Tirthankaras are considered to be the creator of Jain religion. They are divine elements of Jainism. They have attained all the achievement of ultimate nature including the ultimate knowledge after making vigorous efforts. Their principles are for betterment and welfare of others. Their path is to provide total fearless life and that of non-violence and to distribute love and friendship. Their vision of life is very wide and they have no insistence for anything. Their way of life is for giving up possessive passion and being free from the karmas we have a brief introduction of all 24 tirthankaras, who are generous, noble passion-free and very Holy Characters.

Why there are 24 Tirthankaras only?

The answer to this question can be perhaps available from the 87th stramza of “Yashstilakchulikc” scripture written by Acharya Somdev Suri. He observes: There are indefinite number of Graha (Planet) – Nakshatra – Taras (Stars) (Heavenly elements in the sky). But their numbers has been shown to be limited by the rule of nature. In the present era of Utsarpini time-span, there are 24 times only when these heavenly elements are positioned in the best location. This is a certainty. Therefore there are only 24 Tirthankaras only not a one less not a one more.

Lord Sambhavnath

Lord Abhinandan Swami

Lord Sumatinath

Lord Padmaprabh Swami

Lord Suparshvanath

Lord Chandra Prabha Swami

Lord Suvidhinath

Lord Shitalnath

Lord Vasupujya

Lord Shreyanshnath

Lord Vimalnath

Lord Anantnath

Lord Dharmanath

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