68 Tirth

Ṇavkar is the most significant mantra in Jainism. This is the first prayer recited by the Jains while meditating. The mantra is also variously referred to as the Pancha Namaskāra Mantra, Navkar Mantra or Namaskāra Mantra. While reciting this mantra, the devotee bows with respect to the PanchParameshti (the Supreme Five):

Arihant — Those who have destroyed the four inimical karmas
Siddha — The liberated souls
Acharyas — The spiritual leaders or Preceptors
Upadhayaya — Preceptor of less advanced ascetics
Sādhu — The monks or sages in the world

Holy pilgrimage brings us near the end of cycle of birth and death. Good work done at holy pilgrimage places helps us to purify ourselves worshiping (pooja, archana) of holy tirthankars (messengers of God) enables us to realize and feel the live presence of Godly element.

68 Tirth