सूत्र अर्थ तत्व सद्दहू

Control of Muhapatti with 50 Bol (Said)

50 બોલ સાથે મુહાપટ્ટીનું નિયંત્રણ (કહ્યું)

सम्यक्त्व मोहनीय, मिश्र मोहनीय, मिथ्यात्व मोहनीय परिहरूं
कामराग, स्नेहराग, दृष्टिराग परिहरूं
सुदेव सुगुरू सुधर्म आदरूं
कुदेव कुगुरू कुधर्म परिहरूं
ज्ञान दर्शन चारित्र आदरूं
ज्ञान विराधना, दर्शन विराधना, चारित्र विराधना परिहरूं
मनोगुप्ति, वचनगुप्ति, कायगुप्ति आदरूं
मनदण्ड वचनदण्ड कायदण्ड परिहरूं
हास्य रति अरति परिहरूं
भय शोक जुगुप्सा/दुगंछा परिहरूं
कृष्णलेश्या नीललेश्या कापोतलेश्या परिहरूं
रसगारव ऋद्धिगारव शातागारव परिहरूं
मायाशल्य नियानशल्य मिथ्यात्वशल्य परिहरूं
क्रोध मान परिहरूं
माया लोभ परिहरूं
पृथ्वीकाय अप्पकाय तेउकाय की रक्षा(श्रावक रक्षा की जगह 'जयणा' बोलें )करूँ
वायुकाय वनस्पति काय त्रसकाय की रक्षा(जयणा) करूँ ।

1. Open the Muhapatti while mentally saying:
"Sutra". to hold
in both upper corners, vibrate once while
saying "Meaning and essence I
2. Now turn the Muhapatti
around and mentally
say, "I discard three
types of perception
hinder delirium
3. Move the
Muhapatti from the wrist upward, mentally
saying: "I accept dev right, right and gurus
the right religion. "Now moves downward," I
dev unwrapped wrong, wrong and wrong guru
religion. Moving it up the second time, "I
accept right knowledge, faith and reason
right conduct. "Now moves downward," I
discard the wrong knowledge, wrong and faith
wrong conduct. "moving it up the third time,
"I accept the control of the activities of the mind,
speech and body. "Move down," I
discard inauspicious activity of the mind,
speech and body. "
4. Turn the Muhapatti
more time and mentally
say, "I discard three
attachment types -
sensual, love and
vision-related. "
5. Now put the Muhapatti
on the left arm and bends
half, and then fold a
inch from the closed side,
and give due
hand as shown in Figure
6. Gently vibrate
Muhapatti the back
the left hand, "I unwrapped
laughter harmful,
happiness in sin
activities and unhappiness
in spiritual activities. "
7. Gently vibrate
muhapatti the back
his right hand, "I unwrapped
the fear, pain and
first in the middle of the forehead, then
right and then left, mentally saying: "I discard three
Color inauspicious pychic (Leshyä) - black, blue and gray. "
(It should not be done by women)
first at the center of the upper lip, then
right and then left, mentally saying: "I reject temptations
the taste, the popularity and convenience. "
first in the middle of the chest, then right
and then he left, mentally saying: "I discard three internal Darts -
deceit, reward for material gain because of religious activities,
and false belief. "(It should not be done by women)
first to the right shoulder, "I unwrapped anger
and ego. "Then in the left shoulder," I reject the deception and
greed. "(Not to be done by women)
now with charavalä first on the right leg, "I
protect the creatures of the earth, aquatic beings and beings of fire. "Then the
left leg, "I protect wind beings, plants and mobile beings
Now the inspection of Muhapatti is complete, fold the
Muhapatti back into original form.
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सूत्र अर्थ तत्व करी सद्दहु सम्यक्त्व मोहनीय ,मिश्र मोहनीय मिथ्यात्व मोहनीय परिहरु काम राग ,स्नेह राग ,दृष्टि राग परिहरु, सुदेव ,सुगुरु,सुधर्म ,आदरु, कुदेव ,कुगुरु ,कुधर्म परिहरु, ज्ञान ,दर्शन,चारित्र आदरु ज्ञान विराधना ,दर्शन विराधना चारित्र विराधना परिहरु , मन गुप्ति वचन गुप्ति काय गुप्ति आदरु, मन दंड,वचन दंड ,काय दंड, परिहरु, हास्य ,रति ,अरति,परिहरु, भय ,शोक, दुर्गनछा परिहरु, रस गारव,ऋद्धि गारव ,शाता गारव परिहरु, पृथ्वीकाय -अप काय -तेउकाय की रक्षा करू वायुकाय ,वनस्पतिकाय ,त्रस् काय की जयना करू